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New_CoR_Logo.pngWho we are

The Children of Raxxla (abbreviated "CoR") is a society of players in the game Elite: Dangerous.  We are dedicated to uncovering the game's mysteries and collecting the lore of the universe.

The Wiki

XWiki is a second generation wiki that provides CoR with a highly organized and easy to edit repository for knowledge. It is hoped that over time this system will serve as a single library for all of CoR's accmulated articles, spreadsheets, and forum posts.

XWiki also supports user blogs and articles, making it useful for recording the travels and adventures of CoR members, and linking them to other CoR players and articles.

To get started, simply create an account and start posting!

Learn more on how to use XWiki with the Getting Started Guide.

CoR Websites and Communications

Main Site:


Discord: (Invite Only)

Current Events

25 June 2017 - The Monoceros Mission is underway! Check the forum thread here

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